Gender bias in the media

The Emilia Report, a recent survey* conducted by Danuta Kean, has shown disparity in the broadsheet coverage of male and female writers. Taking authors whose books were comparable by their genre, the findings show a ‘marked bias’ towards male authors. Those they studied received 56% of review coverage, on average. The report also found that reviews for female authors were twice as likely to mention their age - going as far as to describe the practise as ‘ubiquitous‘.

Let’s hope the media outlets in question continue to address this.

*Read Stylist’s article on the survey, here:

UK libraries

March brings World Book Day, which is a brilliant and inspirational event. But this year, it also brought a stark warning about the dangers UK libraries now face. New research* suggests that book borrowing fell by 38% from 2011 to 2018 (with 157,387,109 books borrowed last year, in comparison to 2011’s 255,128,957 copies). The same study also listed 127 public library closures in 2018 alone.

So please, support your local library!

*You can read the full article on the Guardian website, here: